Our Story

History says that the earliest evidence of the existence of the coffee tree goes back to the 15th century, in Yemen. Since then, a lot has changed and moving on to the present, we can surely say that coffee is a form of “art” worldwide. The passion to create the finest quality of this drink spread all across the world and now coffee is indeed part of our daily life.

At Coffee Planet, our passion for coffee, made it our life’s work to continually create and make quality our highest priority, serving you our specialties every day. That is why we can say without a doubt that we belong to the third wave coffee movement, as our every day goal is to create and share with you our own version of this artisanal drink.

We welcome you daily from our store at 6 Platonos Street, Nicosia, and we like to say that every cup of coffee we create for you, is a unique ‘story’, ready for you to enjoy.

Step right in. We are open!

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